When it comes to comfort and safety in your home or workplace, you need a qualified and experienced electrician to install and repair your fans.  There is a lot more to fans than a few wires and making a connection to electrical power.  Fans are engineered to perform at peak efficiency when they are balanced and placed in the optimal location.

Fan Pros electricians are trained and experienced to install and repair all types of home and commercial fans.  From the attic to the basement, extractor fans can moderate temperature and help to prevent the formation of mold and mildew.

There are few things that can make you feel as comfortable on a hot day as a ceiling fan.  In the warmest climates in the country, or even in the northern states, ceiling fans can make the unbearable more bearable for you, your family and your employees.  With just a flip of a switch, you can go from being terribly uncomfortable to calm and relaxed.  Ceiling fans can keep air circulating so you won’t need to use as much air conditioning or heat.  Fans reverse to either send warm air back into the room or to pull cooler air up from the floor.  Running a ceiling fan is a way to save both energy and money.  Don’t forget outdoors, either.  If you have a covered patio or screened porch, a ceiling fan, specially made for outdoor use, can make even the stillest, most humid days outside feel like a breath of fresh air. You can even add some light to your outdoor area with an outdoor ceiling fan that has a light built in.  Of course, you will want your fan properly grounded and safe for your family and guests and having a Fan Pros electrician install your fan you can be sure of a safe installation.

Unless your are a licensed electrician, you should leave ceiling fan installation to a professional electrician.  Experienced electricians can make sure that the installation work is up to local codes and that there is no problem with your panel or the wiring to the fan.  If you don’t have wiring to the location that you want to place your fan, a Fan Pros electrician will make sure to wire the location properly and safely.

Even though few people spend time in the attic, high attic temperatures can make your air conditioning work harder than it should have to as heat from the attic radiates into your home through the ceiling.  It is like having a massive hothouse on top of your house.  You should have attic insulation to mitigate this heat transfer and you should also know that an attic fan will help the insulation in your attic do its job better.  In cooler weather, condensation in the attic can begin to form water vapor which can turn to mold and mildew and, importantly, rot your attic rafters, roof and other wood in the attic.  Keeping the air moving in the attic, summer or winter, is good for your electric bills, good for your indoor air quality, and good for the integrity of your attic structure.

If you are still unsure if home ventilation is going to help you solve your indoor air quality issues, give us a call.  One of our specialists will be happy to run through your options, give you a quote, and help you select energy efficient electrical fans.